South Bend Friends Meeting

     Those who are brought to a pure still waiting upon God in the spirit are come nearer to the Lord than words are; for God is a spirit and in the spirit is he worshipped...In such a meeting there will be an unwillingness to part asunder, being ready to say in yourselves, it is good to be here: and this is the end of all words and writings to bring people to the eternal living Word.

--Alexander Parker, 1660

For when I came into the silent assemblies of God’s people, I felt a secret power among them, which touched my heart, and as I gave way unto it, I found the evil weakening in me, and the good raised up, and so I became thus knit and united unto them, hungering more and more after the increase of this power and life…

Robert Barclay, 1676

     --This a passage from Illinois Yearly Meeting's  Faith and Practice, In the chapter titled "Meeting for Worship"

Midweek Moments is a ministry of South Bend Friends Meeting Committee for Ministry and Counsel.

Friendly Midweek Moment

Teach us to sit still, 1989, by Ron Waddams.

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One of several paintings of of the Peaceable Kingdom by Quaker artist Edward Hicks

We worship together each Sunday at 10:30 in the Charles Martin Center on Lincoln Way West.  Use the map below to find us. Click on it to get directions.