South Bend Friends Meeting

     Those who are brought to a pure still waiting upon God in the spirit are come nearer to the Lord than words are; for God is a spirit and in the spirit is he worshipped...In such a meeting there will be an unwillingness to part asunder, being ready to say in yourselves, it is good to be here: and this is the end of all words and writings to bring people to the eternal living Word.

--Alexander Parker, 1660

Come out of Babylon, all forms, and observations, and traditions, which are set up by the will of man: Return within everyone in particular; examine your hearts, and mind the Light in your conscience, and it will always let you see where your hearts are, and what they delight in, for it is the heart the Lord requires; He will no longer be worshipped in words, forms, and observations, but in spirit and in truth, and in sincerity in the inward parts: therefore everyone be faithful in taking heed to the light in your consciences, which the Lord hath given to everyone a measure to profit withal, for the exercise of the conscience towards God and men.

   --William Dewsbury, True Prophecy of the Mighty Day of the Lord, 1655.

Midweek Moments is a ministry of South Bend Friends Meeting Committee for Ministry and Counsel.

Friendly Midweek Moment

Teach us to sit still, 1989, by Ron Waddams.

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One of several paintings of of the Peaceable Kingdom by Quaker artist Edward Hicks

We worship together each Sunday at 10:30 in the Charles Martin Center on Lincoln Way West.  Use the map below to find us. Click on it to get directions.